1. When the Pizza Hut exterior was hut-shaped with a red roof.

ZadocPaet / Via reddit.com

2. And everything about the interior, like the “Please wait to be seated” sign.

Talisker875 / Via reddit.com

3. And these classic chandeliers.

Blazethc, Costner_Facts / Via reddit.com

4. Drinking out of these red glasses with that bumpy texture.

lmcclel / Via reddit.com

5. All of the Pizza Head commercials.

Pizza Hut / Via youtube.com

6. The magnificent, unique options, like a Bigfoot Pizza.

hometimrunner / Via reddit.com

7. Or thick, filling P’Zones.

Liquid____Sunshine / Via reddit.com

8. Or even the Big New Yorker pizza.

Pizza Hut / Via buzzfeed.com

9. Being motivated to read so you could win a personal pan pizza via the Book It! program.

thebookdissector / Via instagram.com

10. Playing games between slices of pizza on this tabletop arcade.

In-Jail-Out-Soon / Via reddit.com

11. Coloring with these highly fragile Pizza Hut crayons.

caffeineandhatred / Via reddit.com

12. Playing with these awesome The Land Before Time toys.

Blinkle / Via reddit.com

13. The early internet Pizza Hut website that’s still actually running and looks like this.

Pizza Hut / Via pizzahut.com

14. Trying to win stuffed animals out of Pizza Hut’s crane machine.


15. Playing with these Pizza Hut hand puppets.

Lauren092916 / Via reddit.com

16. And finally, all of the slogans used throughout the years, from “Gather ’round the good stuff” to “The best pizzas under one roof.”

Pizza Hut / Via .com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Pizza Hut / Youtube, ZadocPaet / Reddit