#1 My friend met Justin Bieber at the Movie Theatre.


#2 When this dude ran into Sharon Stone while wearing Sharon Stone.

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#3 My cousin met a Victoria’s Secret model at the airport.


#4 My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt.

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#5 I just met the Mayor of Flavortown wearing a Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives shirt!!!!

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#6 When this girl got her wish.


#7 My buddy went on a 90s pub crawl and met someone who was NOT on the pub crawl.

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#8 Heard you were talking sh*t.

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#9 My family friend is a Persian replica of Jeff Goldblum… They finally met.

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#10 Look who I ran into at a bar tonight (and what a day to wear the tshirt!)

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#11 That moment when you get to meet one of your heroes…

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#12 So I met this dude at a party

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#13 My friend met this gentlemen at Gallatin Field Airport (Montana, USA) Coincidentally, he just happened to be wearing this shirt.

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#14 When these two random families shared similar fashion sense.


#15 My friend ran into someone with similar interests when we were in Reykjavik.


#16 Cranston liked my Heisenberg shirt at the Studio City Farmers Market.


#17 I guess the t-shirt worked.

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#18 So my friend was in a restaurant wearing a Bill Murray tee-shirt when…

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Can I tell you guys about the time I met Morgan Freeman?

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