#1 Just found these pics of Leo with my family…(he dated my aunt)

lenaalawtattoo / Via twitter.com

#2 So my mom dated matt le blanc and she finally found a picture of them

RimKoumaira / Via twitter.com

#3 My mom dated Adam Sandler in high school. This is them at prom!!!

BPearsonn / Via twitter.com

#4 Found Michelle Obama in my uncles yearbook

darahelena_ / Via twitter.com

#5 My grandpa and the Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short) 1945 he dated her and was an FBI suspect

forum4um / Via reddit.com

#6 When my aunt dated Jamie and we called him Uncle Jamie

mikaelakistner / Via twitter.com

#7 My aunt knew Bradley Cooper in college before he was famous

katiehagerty / Via twitter.com

#8 Cousin dated Matthew Mcconaughey in college

peytonntheisen / Via twitter.com

#9 My mom was childhood friends with John Travolta and we found a photo of my nana and him after one of his shows when he did theatre! Look at the 70s hair…

trillionn / Via reddit.com

#10 So my mom decides to tell me she dated john legend secretly when I was 10????

heyitsjaii__ / Via twitter.com

#11 So my mom dated Woody Harrelson ..

joaniemarie123 / Via twitter.com

#12 My aunt dated ashton back when he was chris so I thought I’d take this time to let everybody else know about my family treasure.

peterson_molly / Via twitter.com

#13 My aunt dated Jimmy Fallon

maddyahouse1 / Via twitter.com

#14 My sis use to date usher in high school and she just now telling me

camrynmariaa / Via twitter.com

#15 My wife used to date “The Fonz” (Henry Winkler) in the late 70′s

UberStone / Via reddit.com

#16 My friend’s parents used to be friends with Drake’s parents. She found this picture and realized who the kid was. (1989)


#17 My sister dated Macho Man Randy Savage back in the 90′s. This is me with him.

eLetoR / Via reddit.com

#18 I just found out a friend of mine went to high school with Zac Efron. He pulled out his yearbook as proof

CeciliaBratton / Via twitter.com

#19 Back when Ariana Grande and I ‘dated’ and did theater together

joshvenkat / Via instagram.com

#20 Kevin Hart went to my bro’s hs. Our hs was actually featured in his Laugh at My Pain movie.

Anna Stellina / Via facebook.com

H/T Boredpanda, Preview photo credit: BPearsonn / twitter.com, heyitsjaii__ / twitter.com