#1 What I asked for vs what I got

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#2 A few years ago I paid for this. Had no idea until a day later because the hair dresser curled my hair. They refused to refund my money.

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#3 I did my sisters undercut a while back. Don’t worry, the red spot is her birthmark.

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#4 Be careful what you wish for. This is the result of my mom nagging my dad to get a haircut. Glorious.


#5 I asked for a high fade, and to even out the top. This is what I got…

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#6 My cousin went to a new barber and asked for a faded neckline cut.


#7 My classmate is really crazy about math.

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#8 Sadly I‘m actually a professional lol – does this count as a haircut when I burned down my hair with bleach?

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#9 New barber left me with a hard part Moses would be satisfied with

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#10 Went to a pretentious hipster place for a pink ombre. Things did not go well :(

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#11 I Asked to have it edged up so my bangs would be straight. Proceeded to cut all my bangs off and my entire widows peak.

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#12 Give me that “If Dubstep were a haircut” look.

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#13 What I asked for vs. what I got…

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#14 I heard my friend say oops when she was cutting my hair then start laughing. The things we go through to save $$

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#15 My cousin came home yesterday with this mess

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#16 I just noticed after five days about my haircut being abysmal in the back. I’ve had compliments, but now I realize they were sarcastic.

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Say no more

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