#1 In case you didn’t know, it’s really REALLY cold across most of the US right now.

Patrick_Fenelon / Via twitter.com

#2 I mean, like, REALLY COLD.

1013KDWB / Via twitter.com

#3 Like, “my toilet froze” cold

LoungeCKRM / Via twitter.com

#4 It’s so cold you can freeze noodles

ccroucher9 / Via twitter.com

#5 Soap is freezing

wowmartiean / Via twitter.com

#6 Even ANTIFREEZE is freezing


#7 I mean, look at this

hannahtraining / Via twitter.com

#8 Beards are freezing

Volus_dude / Via twitter.com

#9 Tires are freezing

sprgsmnt / Via reddit.com

#10 And, of course, faces are freezing

ABC13Elita / Via twitter.com

#11 This is happening INDOORS

TheMadCatterFTW / Via reddit.com

#12 Nowhere is safe

HeidiMiler / Via twitter.com

#13 It’s so cold, water is coming out as ICE

mak_savi / Via twitter.com

#14 I mean, it’s so cold even ghosts are wearing pants

gregswan / Via twitter.com

#15 Paint is PEELING off cars

It was so cold in Chicago that the paint came off my car

#16 Car doors are being SNAPPED off

kuyacoo_ / Via twitter.com

#17 Vodka is turning into ice

KKrilanovichCRE / Via twitter.com

#18 Peepholes are freezing eyes

imayoras / Via twitter.com

#19 Outlets are more like ICE-lets

CJcued / Via twitter.com

#20 And ice is, just like, appearing

Nayb3n / Via reddit.com

#21 This is seriously insane

britainunwrapped / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ccroucher9 / twitter.com, hannahtraining / twitter.com