#1 My brother was on one of the few flights into Chicago this morning. He took this photo of frozen Lake Michigan from the plane.

DavidPFunk / Via twitter.com

#2 My sister opened her car door in Chicago

PerkyMooseTits / Via reddit.com

#3 Trying to make the most of this -40F weather

Mapes / Via reddit.com

#4 A firefighter after working in the -40° polar vortex

crowntownfrown / Via reddit.com

#5 My God. We’ve reached The Day After Tomorrow.

Jacopo_della_Q / Via twitter.com

#6 Current level of snow in Madison: one whole mingo

ForwardMSNFC, ForwardMSNFC / Via twitter.com / boredpanda.com

#7 Pray for the homeless during this time! Give to your local shelters. Most are at full capacity.

OMAROSA / Via twitter.com

#8 It’s so cold in Chicago they set commuter train tracks on fire to warm them


#9 Eye lashes on fleek! Is that a thing? Is this the new winter running fashion statement?

mayrenaisamar / Via instagram.com

#10 Frozen bubbles!

cbotnyse / Via twitter.com

#11 Landlord decided to turn down the heat today in my MN apartment as it reached -40°.

The idiot must have forgotten he pays my electric and doesn’t realize that I value my comfort over safety or energy conservation.
JohannReddit / Via reddit.com

#12 Going to daycare when it’s -30 outside.

Stweets19 / Via imgur.com

#13 Frozen chicken eggs

afrwvus / Via reddit.com

#14 You know it’s cold when the toilet paper is frozen in the outhouse.

Linda Mooney / Via facebook.com

#15 The Detroit river, Frozen all the way to Canada.

Jay_Z_123 / Via reddit.com

#16 Minnesota’s officers

chisagocountyso / Via instagram.com

#17 Letting my car heat up during the Polar vortex….

ahhbeeli / Via reddit.com

#18 The Beauty the cold brings to South Dakota

chinho321 / Via imgur.com

#19 This flash-frozen fire hydrant

kasprzee / Via reddit.com

#20 Polar Vortex Lesson: Don’t try to hang dry your clothes outside…

eharrisment / Via instagram.com

Via boredpanda, Preview photo credit: PerkyMooseTits / reddit.com, kasprzee / reddit.com