Recently, writer Alex Segura asked people to share their “petty AF pet peeves,” and the results did not disappoint.

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Here are some of the best ones:

#1 I don’t understand why people do this.
When people finish paying at a register but then don’t move out of the way to put away their card/change/receipt/grab their bags so the next person can start their checkout process AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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#2 What happened to manners?
When people enter an elevator/subway BEFORE letting people get out. Just take a chill pill and WAIT
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#3 Ain’t this the truth.
Fu*king stickers on fruit, bro. They’d put them on every grape if they could
chrispackhamGO / Via

#4 LOL! But, also true.
Groups of four walking side by side down crowded sidewalks. This ain’t the yellow brick road, Dorothy!
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#5 Honestly, gross.
Using the same knife for the peanut butter AND the jelly.
Sisslethecat / Via

#6 Follow the rules, people!
Couples who think 12 items or fewer means 24 items for the pair of them. Also, signs that say 12 items or less.
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#7 Fashion is subjective! But, also…
NECKLACE ON TOP OF A TURTLENECK i mean come on gross
wordscience / Via

#8 I feel seen!!
When I’m reading a book and someone starts to talk to me as if I’m not doing anything. I’M READING. At least say “excuse me.”
blitherbabble / Via

#9 THIS!!!
When I ask someone three questions in an email and they reply with only the answer to my first question.
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#10 Just use the allotted time please.
Those folks who leave like :02 on the microwave and don’t clear out the countdown when they’re done
chris_hassiotis / Via

#11 Let me speak.
When people ask me a question and then talk over my answer.
reverenderyk / Via

#12 There’s a designated area for a reason!
I have too many to list. I’ll pick one… people who leave their shopping carts anywhere they please in the parking lot instead of taking them to the cart corral.
TheJoshAtkins / Via

#13 Don’t even get me started on this.
Whispering, particularly in a public/open space. It’s more disruptive than just talking in a normal voice and antithetical to being discreet. If you need to talk about something private, get a room or stfu. (Obv I’m not a fan of ASMR.)
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#14 This would save me so much stress, tbh.
“For people who may not be familiar with your work, tell us about yourself.” No. You do your research and make the introduction. It is literally the least you could do.
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#15 And, of course, there are a ton of pet peeves about grammar
“Oh, a novel? Is that, like, a fictional novel?”
swannyauthor / Via

#16 Like, so…
People spelling it ya’ll and not y’all
senecam725 / Via

#17 …SO…
People who say “on accident” rather than “by accident”.
And don’t even get me started on “I could care less”
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#18 …SOOOO many
Using an apostrophe to pluralize last names. The Gardiner’s. The Segura’s. The Jones’s, once, and God help me, I almost took a flamethrower to that Christmas letter.
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#19 And also pronunciation
It’s MISS-chuh-vuss.
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#20 I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does.
Basically any kind of sound coming from a private mobile device in a public place, especially public transit and open plan offices.
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#21 Are you even a dad if you don’t make this joke?
People who say “It must be free!” to the cashier when an item doesn’t have a price tag on it should be fired into the sun.
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#22 Wow, true.
Service People who respond to “thank you” with “no problem. Meaning providing me service I’m paying for was a potential problem?
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