Dating in 2019 is matching on a dating app, texting for a day, never meeting up, then looking at each other’s Instagram stories every day until we die
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Can’t believe I just have to keep dating until someone likes me back or I die
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You ever been single for so long that a relationship starts to look like a set up to you
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U only get about 523 chances with me I don’t tolerate sh*t
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You ever accidentally fu*k with somebody for 3 years
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If you want to be talked out of dating someone show him to the group chat
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U ever chill with someone and can’t wait to never see them again? It’s a beautiful feeling actually
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Let’s be clear, a lot of women don’t have “trust issues”. we have “i’ve seen this pattern of behavior before, and i’ll be damned if i go through the same sh*t again” issues.
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Being single made me realize everybody in relationships cheating lmao
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Dating someone based solely on looks is so shallow. consider other things, like do they have a lot of money
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Men on r/relationships: my gf interrupted some dumbass game im playing should i leave her?
women on r/relationships: woke up to find my bf eating dog sh*t? he brought it into the kitchen and was eating it? am i being weird or is he being weird? is it mean if i ask him to stop??
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Sex is cool but have you ever had someone give you so much emotional safety that you were able to break down & process trauma right in front of them without fear of being judged or ridiculed?
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