#1 Coming and going through windows instead of doors
Why do teenagers in movies/tv shows always come in and leave from a window
amydurette / Via twitter.com

#2 Having a bedroom that looks like the Pottery Barn catalog
How come in movies, teenagers always have the COOLEST rooms? I’m sorry but I can’t relate unless your walls are some hideous neon color, none of your furniture matches, and your carpet has a nail polish stain from 9 years ago
lospoonss / Via twitter.com

#3 Or, conversely, covering every square inch of their bedroom walls with posters
Why do teens in movies always have so many goddamn posters on their bedroom walls? like every inch of their wall is covered
milkybabymilky / Via twitter.com

#4 Carpooling with friends on the way to school
Why do teenagers in movies always pick up all their friends on the way to school? That doesn’t happen
hellagoeseast / Via twitter.com

#5 And driving shiny new cars instead of clunkers
Why do teenagers in movies have nice cars like um my first car was literally ugly and had 250,000 miles
vividlygrays / Via twitter.com

#6 Either waking up hours and hours before school starts…
How come teenagers have so much time in the morning in movies & tv? They’ll literally go for breakfast or track down a dead body before class
chapstickmom / Via twitter.com

#7 …or running so late they don’t have time to finish breakfast
How come in movies no teenager has ever finished their breakfast before rushing off to school i do not understand
ELOlSE / Via twitter.com

#8 Texting like this
How come every single teenager texts “Where R U?” at some point in every teen movie
homogneasach / Via twitter.com


#9 Slamming their laptop shut without raising suspicion
How come in movies parents never get suspicious or mad when teens close their laptops or phones quickly when parents enter the room…
kxraquel / Via twitter.com

#10 Bumping into someone at school and spilling their bag in the hall
Okay how come in every teen movie or tv show the new kid at school bumps into someone and everything in their bag falls out? i’ve literally never seen that happen in real life.
maddiee12342 / Via twitter.com

#11 Never, ever having homework
How come teenagers in movies never have any homework
maurine_2019 / Via twitter.com

#12 The popular girls walking exactly like this
How come in the popular clique in every teen movie there’s always 3 girls that walk in slow motion a triangular formation with a fan blowing their hair back?
Davila_Doll / Via twitter.com

#13 Also, girls winding up in the guys’ locker room
How come in every teen movie theres a scene where the girl goes in the boy’s locker room & acts like it’s no big deal but the guys freak out
lindsay_kitch69 / Via twitter.com

#14 Sitting on the rooftops of houses
Why do teens in movies like to sit on rooftops like that is dangerous sit in a hammock hammocks are cool
PeterLoMein / Via twitter.com

#15 Chugging liquor like it’s nothing
It stresses me out when teens in movies are chugging straight out of a vodka bottle without making a face. iT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO DO THAT
SpoopyJulz / Via twitter.com

#16 Always hanging out at diners like it’s 1950
How come in movies & tv shows all the teenagers have diners and coffee shops that they all meet up and hang out at?? I WANT THAT
ronobes / Via twitter.com

And finally, dressing like 30-year-old businesspeople
How come they never dress teenagers like teenagers in shoes/movies? they look like full grown business women while we out here in leggings
AllieDudley / Via twitter.com

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