#1 Hey men, it’s me, your fellow man.

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#3 LinkedIn describes itself as a professional networking site, so please tell me, what’s so professional about the message below?

Since when did LinkedIn turn from a business platform to a dating site ??!
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#4 It just comes off as creepy, my dude.

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#5 Some of y’all are doing TOO DAMN MUCH on that site.

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#6 Now, if you somehow met your S.O. on the site, then good for you.

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#7 You do know Tinder exists, right? And Hinge. And Bumble. Although, this message still wouldn’t fly there either.

Listen, I’m not saying I know everything about social media, but last I checked LinkedIn was for sure not a dating app…
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#8 People aren’t listing their job experience and then looking for unsolicited flirting. There is a time and place, Daniel.

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#9 Like you really, REALLY don’t need to do this.

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#10 Use your time and energy doing something more productive, like learning how to have a normal conversation.

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#11 People are out here just trying to land themselves a job and y’all are out here commenting on their photos instead.

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#12 This post comes to no surprise to the countless people who receive these messages ALL the time via text, dating app, LinkedIn, and carrier pigeon.

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#13 I’m by no means a LinkedIn representative, but it bears repeating: LinkedIn. Is. Not. A. Dating. Site.

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#14 If you’re guilty of using “mmmm” as a subject line for anything, you need to throw your phone in a river.

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#15 Sure, you could argue, “Well it’s all about connecting with someone.”

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#16 Leave Karen alone already.

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#17 Along with the rest of people just minding their business, thanks!!

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