#1 Has anybody seen Abby? People are waiting for their Blizzards.

sturdycactus / Via reddit.com

#2 It may be misleading, but it’s technically not a lie.

OoManrajoO / Via reddit.com

#3 Don’t bother looking for Joe, though.

AnnoyingCrow91 / Via reddit.com

#4 Here’s an excellent use of church signage from around the Super Bowl.

MethaneProbe4MrLion / Via reddit.com

#5 A little sarcasm goes a long way in safety posters.

paulbrec / Via reddit.com

#6 This synagogue sign in Toronto

merdub / Via reddit.com

#7 Open it

AnArousedCatfish / Via reddit.com

#8 Poor Keith.

glennadmarshall / Via twitter.com

#9 Informative AND catchy!

aStonedDeer / Via reddit.com

#10 Always nitpick a sign’s grammar to ensure you’re following all the rules.

Ryozuo / Via reddit.com

#11 The perfect New Years resolution.

zoesgoes / Via reddit.com

#12 This is the most creative “please use other door” sign I’ve ever read.

ohionymous / Via reddit.com

#13 I’m scared to ask why

theChubbster101 / Via reddit.com

#14 This makes sense.

ReverendShitlord / Via imgur.com

#15 This veterinarian’s office needs to rein it in with the horse puns.

KTboobster / Via reddit.com

#16 Sometimes you just need a sign that says that you don’t need a sign.

MikeSav47032563 / Via twitter.com

#17 Congrajlashins to this sign for being funny.

mistermclean / Via reddit.com

#18 What about a very small bear?

2317 / Via reddit.com

#19 Hilarious!!

MihillChris / Via twitter.com

#20 When you mix librarians with signs, you’re gonna get something clever.

mrpotatoboi / Via reddit.com

And finally, if you can’t think of anything to put on your sign, just go with puns.

blazercarl / Via twitter.com

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