#1 YOU SING HORRIBLY! Signed, anyone who has hearing.

hello.mopan / Via instagram.com

#2 You are a grown man. You do not need to grunt out loud when you po*p!

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#3 PSA: The heater doesn’t magically turn itself off while you’re at work.

a_bar90 / Via twitter.com

#4 If at first you don’t succeed — Flush, flush, flush again…

j.me.75 / Via instagram.com

#5 Don’t be a piggy…Scrape your dish in trash before putting in sink! Rinse with warm water! Sink full? Don’t add to it! Wash one! Do not leave dirty plans on stove! Rinse!

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#6 If you are the a*shole that keeps p*eing on the seat, please consider these alternatives: 1. Not being terrible at fu*king p*eing; 2. Sitting down because clearly you don’t deserve standing privileges; 3. Wiping off the seat, you degenerate. Sincerely, everyone who learned to p*e at 3 years old.

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#7 TURN YOUR FUCKING TV OFF! Nobody wants to hear Curb Your Enthusiasm all night. Put on a timer! —Next Door

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#8 Thanks! For parking so close. Next time leave a fu*king can opener so I can get my car out. Ar*eholes like you should take the bus.

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ShutUpDadYoureDrunk / Via imgur.com

#10 If you could please refrain from taking up two spots with your tiny vehicle, that would be lovely. This is Carl. Carl parks with his neighbors in mind and not like he’s the only person who lives in Wayne Gardens Apartments. Be like Carl.

_andrewwiley / Via twitter.com

#11 Figure your sh*t out! No one wants to hear your DRAMA and we all hear it!!

simmons.0410 / Via instagram.com

#12 CONGRATS ON BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD! (I’m just assuming that’s why you park your car like that.)

snidog / Via twitter.com

#13 I understand times are difficult as I have heard you multiple times saying (yelling) that you do not have more than $100 in your account and that you cannot afford your DUI. Maybe if you stopped drinking you wouldn’t have this problem. Not to mention neighbors wouldn’t be having problems with you being loud and obnoxious at inappropriate times. But even if you don’t review your life choices at least review the volume of your voice.

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#14 If you took my Diet Coke you made me and this penguin sad.

datablue / Via imgur.com

#15 To whoever keeps destroying this toilet: GO SEE A DOCTOR, if not maybe an exorcist? Or po*p in the field with the other buffalo!!

Tamalebrin / Via twitter.com

#16 I’m the Washing-Up Fairy and after a very busy 2018 I’ve decided to take 2019 off! Please can you not leave dirty plates and cups in the sink? It will only take two minutes to clean up after yourself rather than leaving for someone else.

mathewclarke / Via twitter.com

#17 Why steal somebody’s soy sauce and then wasabi? If you’re that badly paid, leave a note here and I’ll organize a collection to help you.

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