Welcome to Twitter ladies. A married man, who mainly follows, and interacts with only women, will be assigned to you shortly
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boy: i wished girls liked sports
girl: i like sports
boy: oh yeah name the blood type of the seahawks coach from the 1990s
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*Gestures to grunting, fanged, drooling mini-eldritch abomination wearing only a t-shirt that says “JIZZ”*
WOMAN: He has a podcast
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I love when women are having the I Won’t Take My Husband’s Name Because I Already Have My Own Name conversation & a dude pops in with “but you’ve already taken a MAN’S last name from your dad” and like how clever of you to notice that, yes, the patriarchy is literally everywhere
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dudes who are saying “it’s scary to hook up with women now, it’s like I don’t know what’s ok and what isn’t”
uhh.. why don’t you ask her? She’s literally right there
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MEN: we’re gonna stop flirting at work and giving unasked-for hugs
WOMEN: great
MEN: wait, no, you don’t understand, those were threats
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i start pulling up shirt to reveal a tattoo on my belly:
*women cheering*
pulling my shirt up further:
*women groaning*
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She wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She’s cheer captain and
Pop culture demonized the archetype of the pretty blond cheerleader to create a us vs them mentality and rivalry based on subjective comparisons in order to distract teen girls from realizing the true enemy, men
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Men: seriously why do you need such a big bag?????
Also men: can I put this in your bag
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Another day, another 77 cents
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First ghostbusters, then Wonder Woman, then a girl alien? Whats next, female balloons? Woman sand? A girl alphabet? Women can’t be balloons
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to be honest? guys?? all this “we should assign women to unwashed losers as fu*k objects and kill them if they get abortions” stuff is starting to feel a bit….personal!
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A man in the subway tried to hit on me by coming up behind me very close & saying in my ear, “You think the trains going to be late?” but I’d just had dental work done so I turned around & slurred, “No idea” while blood poured out of my mouth. I wish I could do this all the time
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Give a man a fish & he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish & he’ll be like “um actually i know how to fish, i’ll show you” & you wish you had your old fish so you could throw it at him
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Every woman I know has been storing anger for years in her body and it’s starting to feel like bees are going to pour out of all of our mouths at the same time.
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