#1 Gramps and I, both 20 years old 50 years apart.

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#2 My dad vs me. 1984 vs 2018. Chichen Itza.

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#3 Me (left) and my dad (right) when he was in the Marines.

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#4 My dad and I both at the age of 14.


#5 My grandfather and me.

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#6 My mom and I, both at age 16

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#7 My daughter went as me this year.

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#8 My first birthday (1986) vs My son’s first birthday (2018).

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#9 My Grandad at 19/20yo and my brother at 28. So weird seeing them side by side!

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#10 Found a photo of my grandad in the mid 1930’s at a similar age me. He died in 1988 so I never realised how much we looked alike before now!

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#11 My Dad and I in our 20s.

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#12 Me vs. My mom’s yearbook photo (1977)


#13 Yesterday I found this picture of my mom (on the left). In the picture, she was 21. The exact same age that I am now. I’ve put our 2 photos together and I must say, I’m quite surprised by how much we look alike at this age!

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#14 My Mother, My Daughter

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#15 My daugher (2017) and me (1987)

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#16 My mother and me

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#17 My Great Grandpa, Grandpa, and brother around the same age.

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#18 My dads genes run a little stronger than my moms

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#19 My mom and my sister (circa 1989) and today as a first time grandma with my sister’s first child.

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#20 A weekend with my mom

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