#1 Cool teacher drawing world map memory.

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#2 Today was “Meme Day” at my old high school for homecoming week. I appreciate this science teacher even more now.

Ginger_King / Via reddit.com

#3 So, I was wondering what my teachers water bottle said and…

tastefullyoffensive / Via tumblr.com

#4 This was my teacher, he retired last year. But he was the most amazing and great guys I knew. He knew how to be a teacher. He was my best friend and loved every day of his job. An amazing guy.


#5 Wish My Substitute Teacher Was This Cool

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#6 My teacher has this strange set up for his speakers.

MercAtWork / Via reddit.com

#7 Teacher uses peace as a form of punishment.

NinjaRafael / Via imgur.com

#8 Dressed up as Indiana Jones on school picture day. I’m a teacher.

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#9 My teacher rotates memes on her board every week. This is the best one so far.

a_smerry_enemy / Via reddit.com

#10 This is my classroom. I’m a 7th grade social studies teacher, but I love to draw, so I’ve made my room my own studio the past 3 years. Almost all walls are covered. Kids love it.

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#11 This is my boyfriend’s brother and another teacher.

lizzymonster / Via reddit.com

#12 This student brought a dog to class to save it from the hurricane. Her teacher didn’t mind.


#13 One of the Professors at my school. He’s always skating around campus.

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#14 My computer science teacher does this pose every time he leans over a desk.


#15 This teacher’s protest sign

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#16 My science teacher’s desk is a fish tank

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#17 Awesome Teacher.

man_in_the_mirra / Via reddit.com

#18 Went to go get help from a teacher and this is what I found.

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