Last week, author Jaya Saxena asked people to share their “most accurate celebrity sighting.”

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Here are some of the best responses:

NYC Starbucks, 12 years ago, my 1 yr old laughing uncontrollably. Turn around and Robin Williams under a hoodie is making goofy faces at him.
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Long ago biking up in Napa on a brutally hot day a guy pulls over on his motorcycle and asks if we’re ok,do we have enough H2O. Robin Williams.
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Keanu Reeves, wearing black sweater, black pants, black shoes, large camera on a strap over his shoulder, walking through the Lower East Side and stopping regularly to take tilted-angle photographs of garbage and graffiti
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Adam Driver being sweet to a little boy at a Hudson News in 2017. The kid tried to get his dad’s attention for a while before he wandered over and yelled, “You’re KYLO REN.” Driver knelt down, shook his hand and said, “I’m on a mission from Snoke, so you can call me Adam.”
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Served David Byrne at a college bar; he wanted coffee and two aspirin, and asked if the tv volume could be increased so he could hear the documentary on African drumming
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Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss shopping in that British grocery store in the West Village with the gate drawn shut, and just laughing.
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Mine is also Tracy Morgan: driving a red Maserati very slowly around the Meatpacking District, playing (and singing) Roxxxxxxxaaaaane by The Police at full tilt.
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Christopher Plummer in an old-timey outfit walking in the park with his dog trotting beside him, off-leash, in perfect heel.
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Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard looking radiant and engaged in no doubt loving conversation in Park Slope while my dog took a giant sh*t outside their house.
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Tom Hanks saying “No more Power Rangers!” to his son in a Pacific Palisades toy store.
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Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor waiting in line for the bathroom at a Springsteen concert
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Camila Cabello in SoHo, shopping. I told her she looked like Camila Cabello and she tried to convinced me she was actually her while I was ignoring her acting like she was joking. Turned out she was indeed and I freaked out.. yeap.
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Weird Al Yankovic wandering around a party with a kid sitting on his shoulders. Claire Danes dashing down a West Village block in a strapless white cocktail dress and heels muttering “fu*k fu*k fu*k.”
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Chris Evans once held the door open for my friend when she had a knee scooter after breaking her foot
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