In many parts of the country, it has been a ROUGH winter.

I live very close to Rockford. This is what our weather looks like for tomorrow.
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Like, colder-than-Antarctica winter.

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#1 Sunroof problems

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#2 This person, who woke up after a long night of snow to find this outside their front door

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#3 The blowing snow drifted so high for this guy that he was met with a wall of snow when he opened the garage door.

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#4 Apparently the kids were too distracted to sh*t the door

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#5 This person’s antifreeze somehow…froze.

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#6 Sunroof accidentally left open

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#7 Suffice it to say, it’s definitely too cold to eat outside.

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#8 I can’t begin to explain why this happened, but I left an open wine bottle in my very cold garage…

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#9 For some people, it’s proving quite difficult to keep the cold out of their houses. Hinges are frosting over…

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#10 Entire DOORS are frosting over…

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#11 My outlet in our dining room froze.

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#12 This toilet froze and busted.

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#13 My gloves froze to the handrail.

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#14 When the cold is this bad, you can’t go outside with wet hair…

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#15 My friend finally checked on her garage fridge after the polar vortex.

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#16 I grew a beard to keep my face warm this winter…

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#17 We’ve gotten a little extra snow up here in Maine. I don’t think our fence will contain the dogs anymore…

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#18 So hey, next time you check the forecast and see something like THIS…

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#19 Its so cold we cant watch TV indoors!

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#20 This is the power of an avalanche!

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