#1 A USB port on a bus


#2 My orange and mango juice carton has a see through part on the side to show you how much juice there is left.

iWillPunchAMuffin / Via reddit.com

#3 My friend’s kid is charging his shoes via their couch. The future is a weird place…

thedadfromJumanji / Via reddit.com

#4 Blue lights in restroom prevents drug users from finding veins to shoot into.

Neurogod1 / Via reddit.com

#5 The golf balls at the mini golf on this pier are biodegradable and fall into the sea at the 18th hole.

gostoney / Via reddit.com

#6 This 3-D printed cast uses ultrasound to heal broken bones 40% faster.

PHIL-yes-PLZ / Via reddit.com

#7 Resealable cans of water

Noremac77 / Via reddit.com

#8 This tray used to walk your bike up/down steps

maxima03 / Via reddit.com

#9 This tiny door for 1st graders at the school my mom teaches at

TideSinger / Via reddit.com

#10 A sign with a map of houses numbers and streets.

mrwhitedynamite / Via reddit.com

#11 In a French supermarket only the wine section had a wooden floor. So that the bottles have less of a chance of breaking if they are dropped.

Zeplinehord / Via reddit.com

#12 This city embeds their traffic lights in the sidewalk to aid iPhone-addicted pedestrians.

govtechnews / Via twitter.com

#13 My beach has a sunscreen station.

J0hnnyArs0n / Via reddit.com

#14 In Copenhagen there is a children’s bicycling playground, where they can practice bicycling in the city, and learn the rules, before they enter the streets.

MY2200 / Via reddit.com

#15 My favourite shop has light settings so you can see how good/bad your outfit will look at different times of day.

Peachpai / Via reddit.com

#16 This check out lane scans items as they pass through on the belt.

derekzimm / Via reddit.com

#17 This University has a vending machine with all the things you need as a student, from sanitary pads to a power bank.

DutchBrownie / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: imgur.com, govtechnews / twitter.com