#1 Sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide

batataqw89 / Via reddit.com

#2 Try being drunk and walking into this place.

KyouLV / Via reddit.com

#3 An air conditioner that’s really dangerous for perfectionists…

debochavel / Via twitter.com

#4 The drain pipe is right above the bench.

george-merrill / Via reddit.com

#5 Your toe isn’t stubbed yet? Challenge accepted.

MistakesNeededMaking / Via reddit.com

#6 A pencil sharpener right next to an emergency button that immediately calls the local police department and sends the principal to our classroom. It’s been hit about 3 times this marking period.

depressedtitties / Via reddit.com

#7 It’s okay, we can make this work. No one will noti….

soSickugh / Via reddit.com

#8 These lamps that are exatly eye-level

F1qure / Via reddit.com

#9 This hotel has a mirror on a mirror. Just…why?

NobodyEpic / Via twitter.com

#10 Why? Was this really the only option?

NastyNate675 / Via reddit.com

#11 This bathroom in my local cinema.

orwellsrentboy / Via reddit.com

#12 The way that the lights are placed on my ceiling.

king_Lonely / Via reddit.com

#13 I think a good place for this drain pipe is right by the door to the building, it never rains here anyways.

LABignerd33 / Via reddit.com

#14 My friend just finished a kitchen remodel.

SirCadwaladr / Via reddit.com

#15 I’m literally screaming inside.

honny78 / Via reddit.com

#16 There’s a reason why I left this university, this is one of them…

eliotbw / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: NobodyEpic / twitter.com, F1qure / reddit.com