#1 The shop owners realized that people might steal things because they really need them.

PolesawPolska / Via reddit.com

#2 A Mexican company makes plastic cutlery and straws from avocado seeds that completely biodegrades in 240 days.

Raqped / Via reddit.com

#3 This German hardware store asking dog owners to bring their dogs inside because it’s too hot in the cars.

McPebbster / Via reddit.com

#4 Vacation for non-smoking people

The Japanese company, Piala Inc. gives their non-smoking employees 6 additional vacation days to compensate for the time they work while their colleagues smoke.
Vocativ / Via youtube.com

#5 This shop is offering free bottled water due to the extreme heat in St. Louis. Good job, humans!

Thart85 / Via reddit.com

#6 This company is hiring homeless people to help them get on their feet.

Tingyoma / Via reddit.com

#7 This no-waste shop in Scotland offering free school uniforms.

cazolipop / Via reddit.com

#8 This company makes it easy to give their clothes to the next kid.

unstoppable_dino / Via reddit.com

#9 The restaurant I’m at has these coasters which you can turn around to see this. As someone who’s seen the effects of an abusive relationship, this is beautiful.

JSG_100001 / Via reddit.com

#10 This coffee shop helping to save the environment!

Braumsisdabomb / Via reddit.com

#11 The Danish beer company, Carlsberg got new packaging in order to reduce the use of plastic – the cans are glued together and then supported by a single strip of plastic.

Danish-Zorro / Via reddit.com

#12 Suiting people up for interviews.

BanAllPineapples / Via reddit.com

#13 This Korean company has a giant sports centre on their roof.

Lokimonoxide / Via reddit.com

#14 A message from a lawn mowing company after a big storm hit our city last night.

smithersnz / Via reddit.com

#15 This recyclable laundry detergent even has bottles that are recyclable.

phampug / Via reddit.com

#16 This supermarket has a quiet hour for those who may need it.

eurfryn / Via reddit.com

#17 My energy company sent out a mailer that educates consumers on natural gas which includes a scratch and sniff for those who don’t know what natural gas smells like.

goldfishie2 / Via reddit.com

#18 For nearly four years, their pizza shop has given away over 142,498 slices of pizza – worth about $70,000.

boi_thats_my_yeet / Via reddit.com

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