#1 We are a verrrrry communicative sign.

gemini___daily / Via instagram.com

#2 Our independence above all else.

geminimeeeeemes / Via instagram.com

#3 We’re always right, even if at first it **appears** that we are not right.

geminifunfacts / Via instagram.com

#4 Spend a few hours with us, and you’ll come to find that Geminis are some of the smartest of the bunch…

best_zodiac_memes / Via instagram.com

#5 Yeah, you might say we’re a little wishy-washy…

thisissogemini / Via instagram.com

#6 But as long as we don’t have to make any hard decisions, we’re good.

gemini_allofyou_ig / Via instagram.com

#7 In fact, we’re masters of overthinking…

zodiac_memess / Via instagram.com

#8 We LOVE a good project, I mean, um, relationship?

thisissogemini / Via instagram.com

#9 And listen, it’s not our fault that we love being loved!

thisissogemini / Via instagram.com

#10 We’re masters of logical reasoning.

moontinee / Via instagram.com

#11 We’re just naturally charming! We can’t help it!

thisissogemini / Via instagram.com

#12 And part of that involves not being able to keep a lot to ourselves…

thisissogemini / Via instagram.com

#13 Because we LOVE to tell a good story, or three?

geminifunfacts / Via instagram.com

#14 We’re not very into routines…

astrologymemesx / Via instagram.com

#15 If one more person accuses us Geminis of being two-faced, i s2g…

gemini___daily / Via instagram.com

#16 You should just know that being this spontaneous does come at a price!

semi_memeomatic / Via instagram.com

#17 Clearly, the whole accepting criticism thing isn’t our forte…

gemini___daily / Via instagram.com

#18 At the end of the day though, you gotta love us for our strongly-held opinions

thatastrologyslut / Via instagram.com

#19 Anyway. What were we talking about? Oh yes. Us.

gemini___daily / Via instagram.com

#20 Our ability to get along with just about anyone…

thatastrologyslut / Via instagram.com

#21 Our general ~charisma~ and je ne sais quoi…

betchylibra / Via instagram.com

#22 Anyway, on behalf of all Geminis, I suppose we’ll apologize for being a little flaky when it comes to texting…

thisissogemini / Via instagram.com

#23 And like, actually locking things down in the relationship department…

thiqqstrology / Via instagram.com

#24 And also being too funny for our own good, I suppose.

astrohoe.memes / Via instagram.com

#25 But what we won’t apologize for is being an endlessly interesting conversation partner!

moonchild.astrovibes / Via instagram.com

#26 Or marching to the rhythm of our own drums…

yudaputri2805 / Via instagram.com

#27 And of course, our notorious ability to just…not care about what you think of us!

gemini___daily / Via instagram.com

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