Recently, a viral Reddit thread asked guys who have been married for over a decade how they know their wives are still “the one.”

Here are the most heartwarming husband responses that will make you laugh, cry, and seriously believe in love:

I know she’s still the one every single time she laughs. I could be 100ft. away across a crowded room and when she laughs I just crumble.
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We have no secrets from each other. She knows stuff about me that would make a grizzled sailor blush to hear out loud. And it’s not that she doesn’t care about these things, she accepts them as a part of me, my past that shaped me and loves them for me.
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Every time I have to leave her for an extended period of time, I pretty much lose my sh*t, and I have to turn away so she doesn’t see me crying.
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She’s never backed down from the work of our marriage. More than once, I’ve tried to get her to comprehend that I’m not really worth all that effort, and she just smiles at me, tells me to shut it, and keeps on loving.
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I’m currently home sick from work. She just came into the room, while I’m exploding with diarrhea, to empty my “sick bucket.” She’s the one.
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After being married almost 26 years, I know she’s still the one when she gives me that “look” — the one that says, “I’m happy, you’re happy, we’re both happy.” Then we both seem to end up smiling, and maybe even laughing, for no reason.
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We’re not married, but we have been together for over a decade. I know she’s still the one because I’ve got terminal cancer, and she’s still here. It rips me apart that it will end too early, but we’re making the most of it.
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Every time she walks in the room, even after 20 years my heart skips a beat.
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She has supported me through several ruts — through starting a business, dissolving a business, and through several pointless jobs. But she still believes that I can accomplish anything, and has more enthusiasm about my dreams than even I do.
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We are exact opposites — she is creative and a free spirit, and I am the analytical, calculating one. She is the yin to my yang, and when she is gone, I miss her like I’ve lost a limb.
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She really wants kids. My “plumbing” is 95% clogged. But she’s still here.
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When I told her that I was thinking about going on a diet, she jumped in headfirst with me.
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I still feel like a giddy schoolboy when I make her laugh, and at least once a day I just sit and think about how much better she makes my existence.
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I was demoted from a very high-paying, high-pressure job that I had devoted my entire working life to. My whole identity and sense of self-worth was wrapped up in that job, and I was petrified at what her response was going to be when I told her. But when I did, my wife — who I had never heard swear a single time — said, “Fu*king quit.” It was at that moment I knew everything was going to be just fine for the rest of my life.
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Every Thursday, she and our kid stay the night at her mom’s house. Originally, she did it so that her mom could spend time with our kid, but now she just does it because she knows I like having the house to myself.
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We’re still the best of friends. We complete each other’s thoughts all the time, and are so in sync it borders on paranormal.
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She makes me want to be a better me every day.
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After 20 years, she still takes me out to dinner, is always interested in my day, gives me spontaneous hugs for no reason, and sends me funny pictures on my phone. It’s the little things.
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It’s been 11 years, and I literally couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s not just “the one” — she is the only possible one.
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We have a disabled kid, have been through more downs than ups, and are struggling physically, mentally, and financially. She works full-time and takes care of our kid on the weekends, and has zero time for herself. And even though I’m a bundle of negativity, she’s full of optimism.

She wants a second child. We can’t afford it, but she believes we can make it work. And even though I keep breaking her dreams, she still loves me more than anything else in the world. She’ll always be the one.
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