#1 Being an Instagram boyfriend is not easy

Lincoln_PH / Via twitter.com

#2 I’m just here to remind you that love takes many forms — one of which is the willingness to take fire photos for that special person in your life.

NATEGAWD / Via twitter.com

#3 Some of these guys risked it all for the perfect shot, and I honestly commend them for it.

gabitomartinez93 / Via instagram.com

#4 A good boyfriend doesn’t complain every time his S.O. asks for an Insta (or 100).

djblitzwpg / Via twitter.com

#5 They do what it takes to get the best shot possible.

TLBurkhalter / Via twitter.com

#6 Whether that’s holding up a surfboard…

sakiswp / Via instagram.com

#7 …hanging off the edge of a pool…

djblitzwpg / Via twitter.com

#8 …or being one with the ground, a good photo knows no limits.

thReeean / Via twitter.com

#9 Sure, sometimes you don’t want to be seen as the photographer in your relationship, but if you think about it, you’re both helping create timeless pieces of art.

danicajoycee / Via instagram.com

#10 Do you really want your name tied to a bad photo? This guy sure doesn’t.

thebogancollection / Via instagram.com

#11 So the next time your S.O. wants to get their photo taken, get that prime lighting out like this guy here.

minastars / Via instagram.com

#12 Ask your S.O. which angle they’d like best.

mika1993 / Via twitter.com

#13 Hype them up and make them feel like their badass self.

gabecapacio / Via twitter.com

#14 Make sure they’re framed perfectly.

adelmoral_ / Via instagram.com

#15 Surround yourself with others who won’t shame you for taking pics.

extra-lasagna / Via reddit.com

#16 And most importantly, do it with love and patience. Taking a great photo takes time and multiple poses!

SelenaJemMarcos / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: NATEGAWD / twitter.com