#1 This little owl should be called “invisib-owl”

deathakissaway / Via reddit.com

#2 Annual big-head meeting. i’m starting off by trying to figure out where the heck i am. this could take all day …

Boo / Via facebook.com

#3 I’ll be a carpet from now on, this is my life now.

kunabku / Via reddit.com

#4 These little sheep sea slugs that can blend in with the moss.

aeshteic / Via instagram.com

#5 Translucent tank fish that are almost impossible to spot while swimming.

kevin__mattson, kevin__mattson / Via instagram.com

#6 Our hide and seek world champion who knows exactly how to blend in.

lecorgi / Via instagram.com

#7 The art of camouflage! There are 3 pillows and a dog on this couch.

amandawalkins / Via instagram.com

#8 Just 9 teddy bears on display, no real dogs to see here.

buddyboowaggytails / Via instagram.com

#9 Our brown dalmatian is such a chameleon.

khaleesi.django.dalmatian / Via instagram.com

#10 This centipede being really sneaky on my sneaker.

PantherPaws1 / Via reddit.com

#11 My dogs enjoying their camouflage blankets.

Bigbabyluc / Via imgur.com

#12 Just some snow.

Jellieh / Via reddit.com

#13 If I just sit here with the rest of the towels, no one will know!

choderama / Via reddit.com

#14 My hedgehog matching almost perfectly to my brother’s carpet!

goodjobgavigan / Via reddit.com

#15 Can you spot Bruno?

nekoburro / Via instagram.com

#16 I’ll just stay here and pretend I’m one of the towels.

vovalucky / Via reddit.com

#17 I almost crushed this little guy because I thought it was leaf.

GayForChopin / Via reddit.com

#18 I bet you can’t really see me now, can you?

khaleesi.django.dalmatian / Via instagram.com

#19 A tiny golden plover hatchling camouflaging among moss

monkeyfetus / Via imgur.com

#20 Cat melts on sofa due to extreme heat.

T-Racesaurus / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: vovalucky / reddit.com, Jellieh / reddit.com