#1 Someone’s got jokes…

olethalake2718 / Via imgur.com

#2 Lad at work just eats everyone’s treats. Tomorrow will be a surprise for him.

lufcdannyboy / Via twitter.com

#3 My sister got WRAPPED!! Her face was priceless when we got home from the airport at 2am and she walked into her room to find this….

Carley536 / Via reddit.com

#4 The cup setup in this senior prank.

Boojibs / Via reddit.com

#5 This is enough to make a person hate toilets for the rest of their life.

RacerKeith7067 / Via imgur.com

#6 This is what we did while the boss was away. We hope nobody gets fired.

CarolinaGirlCreationZ / Via imgur.com

#7 Scared some co-workers when I left this creepy doll in the office hallway.

BeardyViking / Via imgur.com

#8 This is really violent.

Snake1911 / Via pikabu.ru

#9 Someone had a lot of free time…

pacificus / Via imgur.com

#10 I’m going on vacation next week. Just left a little surprise for my colleagues.

KobzOFF / Via pikabu.ru

#11 New developer starts soon, decided to give him a prank workstation for his first day.

rsayers / Via reddit.com

#12 Totally worth a night on the couch.

DocCaliban / Via imgur.com

#13 My daughter pretending to be a ghost at the hospital. Probably a poor choice.

Sippy5073 / Via reddit.com

#14 Went to get a drink and found this…

takethetoaster / Via imgur.com

#15 This is the fairest warning ever!

3HAMEHATEJIb / Via pikabu.ru

#16 When the CEO is away the server monkeys will play.

bluehusky / Via imgur.com

#17 A buddy was tired of seeing Americans with Chinese tattoos, so he showed her what it looks to a Chinese person.

AlphaGrayWolf / Via reddit.com

#18 My wife is in for quite the spook when she opens our kitchen shades tomorrow.

cardboardgeorgie / Via imgur.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: Boojibs / reddit.com, Sippy5073 / reddit.com