Remember scantrons? Those endless rows of bubbles that plagued you in countless multiple choice test.


Last week people took to Twitter to make funny versions of the not-so-beloved bubble sheets. The scantrons quickly became memes, and they are as numerous as they are funny.

FactsDevito / Via

Here are some of the best ones:

#1 This accurate Buddy The Elf scantron.

benmason06 / Via

#2 This nursery school melody.

captainkalvis / Via

#3 This dolphin scantron who did swimmingly.

Ygrene / Via

#4 These answers from the greatest band ever.

nicholasbueller / Via

#5 The melodic sheet.

ayoedebiri / Via

#6 This take on anti-vaxxers.

hunter6_ / Via

#7 This throwback.

beccalynn808 / Via

#8 These aptly filled-out spaces.

jennifermerr / Via

#9 This scantron that got an “A” for effort.

recursivetaco / Via

#10 This dad joke that so bad it’s good.

rachelmarie187 / Via

#11 This baseball analogy.

BushLeague101 / Via

#12 This meta “filled out” sheet.

Prinstimon / Via

#13 These weed smoking answers.

decentbirthday / Via

#14 These answers that were all of us taking a test.

_thierypierre / Via

#15 These country cues.

baileyy_layne / Via

#16 These answers we all STAN.

thecoolestranch / Via

#17 This scantron from a legendary frontman.

39KillerQueens / Via

#18 This inside joke.

joelleodog / Via

#19 These sleepy bubbles.

seanymoshow / Via

#20 Finally, these two sheets that are adorably off the mark.

hentai__police / Via

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