#1 We’re always labelled as the ‘cold’ star sign but we actually feel a lot of emotions — we just have no idea how to handle them.

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#2 But tbh, we often have to pretend things affect us way more than they actually do.

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#3 We hate the stereotype that all Aquarians believe in aliens, while also knowing that logically, they almost definitely exist.

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#4 We’re great at being there for others, but we aren’t so hot on opening up ourselves.

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#5 Because we want nothing more than to be seen as ‘chill’ literally all the time.

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#6 We take it as a personal failure if we’re right anything less than 100% of the time.

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#7 We’re arguably a bit too good at keeping things casual.

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#8 But give us patience and a bit of space, and we can fall hard for you.

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#9 Although you’re probably going to have to make the first move.

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#10 We need everyone to validate our intelligence 24/7.

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#11 The best way to get us to do something is by telling us not to do it.

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#12 We’re staunch defenders of equality and freedom, but also think our opinions are the only valid ones.

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#13 We get bored far too easily, so we regularly need to experience new things or meet new people.

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#14 But if we don’t like your vibe, we’ll straight up shut you down.

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#15 Our worst habit is cutting people off because they are “too nice”.

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#16 We love being there for the people we care about, but have no idea what to say during emotional conversations.

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#17 We’re so obsessed with experiencing all that life has to offer, that we often forget to give ourselves time to relax.

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#18 But also, good luck trying to get us to hang out when we’re not in the mood.

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#19 We think we’re the actual worst, yet expect everyone to put us on a pedestal.

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#20 If you want to seduce us, just tell us all the ways we’re unlike anyone else you’ve ever met.

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#21 Even the most introverted Aquarius can’t keep their mouth shut when they hear something offensive.

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#22 Yet although we love humanity, we’re quite judgemental about who we like to spend time with.

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#23 We obsessively replay the compliments people give us, over and over and over again.

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#24 Finally, most Aquarians will refuse to tag anyone in this post because it makes them feel too ~seen~.

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