#1 They grade papers AFTER hours. I mean, HOW DARE THEY work all day long and then work more at home?!

Coffee in one hand, grading pen in the other…
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#2 They work unpaid overtime.

Jonny_Wilkes / Via twitter.com

#3 Like, they stay after their working hours to give students extra help.

tiffany1norton / Via twitter.com

#4 They buy their own supplies.

pop_lynne / Via twitter.com

#5 They pay for decorations, too.

bored_teachers / Via instagram.com

#6 They entertain students/make learning fun.

dr_pough / Via instagram.com

#7 They answer angry emails from parents

bored_teachers / Via instagram.com

#8 They teach things that aren’t in the curriculum

spartysayswhat / Via twitter.com

#9 And they give away things, knowing they’ll probably never get them back

bored_teachers / Via instagram.com

#10 They go to mandatory meetings on non-teaching days

annette.planck / Via instagram.com

#11 They repeat themselves constantly

in_class_with_mr.m / Via instagram.com

#12 They attend their students’ extra-curricular events

theoldgoatmount / Via twitter.com

#13 They host back-to-school nights and conferences for parents, which takes a lot of planning and preparation.

teachinginthe828 / Via instagram.com

#14 They go out of their way to make learning materials like study guides, worksheets, etc.

study_lemons / Via instagram.com

#15 They plan field trips and out-of-classroom extra-activities

hhscluster / Via twitter.com

#16 And lastly, they do this all because they love what they do and they love their students

learn_teach_inspire / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: tiffany1norton / twitter.com, bored_teachers / instagram.com