#1 This mix of “Hollaback Girl” and “Hallelujah”

deltasquadformingup / Via tumblr.com

#2 These very excellent replacement lyrics for the drunken sailor shanty

brighteyedjill / Via tumblr.com

#3 This slight Panic! At The Disco change

nitrostreak / Via tumblr.com

#4 This, which you’ll sing in Mario’s voice

gwennovynne / Via tumblr.com

#5 This truck that’ll make you go, “ROOOOOOOO—”

SandyofCthulhu / Via twitter.com

#6 This little theme song

Whaleman_Brady / Via twitter.com

#7 This Schrödinger’s song

Holy_Mowgli / Via twitter.com

#8 This perfectly rhyming auction item

thepunningman / Via twitter.com

#9 This vague post that quickly turned into The Killers

hurleyquinn / Via tumblr.com

#10 This four-pack that fills in for the “bam ba-lam” parts

ryankair / Via twitter.com

#11 And this one Nintendo character that fills in all kinds of lyrics

spaceauddity / Via tumblr.com

#12 This Skyrim meme that works perfectly

reddit / Via reddit.com

#13 This holiday carol

the-pesci-mode / Via tumblr.com

#14 This song for the perpetually exhausted

naturepunk / Via tumblr.com

#15 This classic

SummerRay / Via twitter.com

#16 This, which shouldn’t ~bee~ as funny as it is

CornOnTheGoblin / Via twitter.com

And finally, this tweet, which sums up how I came across all of these posts

KimmyMonte / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: brighteyedjill / tumblr.com