#1 A mom and her daughters

ira_serafima_official / Via instagram.com

#2 Two twin brothers married twin sisters And gave birth to twins

fahad1041 / Via imgur.com

#3 My family has 3 generations of twins.

InVodkaWeTrust / Via reddit.com

#4 A mother’s eyes

brookeiseppi / Via instagram.com

#5 My friends newborn baby was born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother

Bell_Ashley666 / Via reddit.com

#6 My sister and I are 18 months apart, but we’ve convinced people we are twins.

colbmistter / Via reddit.com

#7 My daughter and me, 1970 vs 2016

MoroKane / Via imgur.com

#8 Me and my mother have the same nervous fidgets.

Skinhidingbone / Via reddit.com

#9 Here are my sons, same mother, same father.. Irish dad, Italian mom.

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#10 The genes seem to run strong in my fiancé’s family

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#11 Mother and daughter

simplykristinmd / Via instagram.com

#12 I grew myself a mini-me.

nillabea / Via reddit.com

#13 My wife and our son

EyupDurtyMac / Via imgur.com

#14 I never realized how strong my mom’s genes are until I found this old pic of her!

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#15 My dad at 26 and me at 36

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#16 Father and son switched places for Halloween

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#17 30 Years and a generation apart. My dad with my older brother above, and my brother and his firstborn below.

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