#1 The couple who should really take care of that pest problem.

6ixice / Via twitter.com

#2 The artist.


#3 The YouTuber who mayyyyy have faked his prank.

tigerairau / Via twitter.com

#4 The person whose “husband” made the comment.


#5 The people who forgot to check the artist.

pliny_theelder / Via twitter.com

#6 The guy selling “never been worn” glasses.

Axwe8 / Via reddit.com

#7 The 15-year-old genius.

Xalteox / Via reddit.com

#8 The very popular Facebooker who was clearly hacked and definitely did NOT post this themselves for attention.

youandmeandrainbows / Via imgur.com

#9 The person with an innocent dog.


#10 The guy who lied about the wrong celebrity.

harry_styles / Via twitter.com

#11 The person who used a filter.


#12 The guy who was definitely trying to sell a truck.

str8boytexts / Via twitter.com

#13 The guy who definitely gets laid a lot.

LotharBoin / Via reddit.com

#14 The guy who just happened to go through the many steps required to send a video of one’s di*k, by accident.


#15 The person who totally wasn’t being political.

youandmeandrainbows / Via imgur.com

#16 The person who went to great lengths to claim that they made a store-bought cake.

stopscopiesme / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: me.me