#1 When Cosmo actually nailed it.

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#2 When this annoying Tinder dude got scorched.


#3 When there was a simple solution for school dress codes right in front of us all along

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#4 When a 1970s feminist had the perfect response to a sexist ad.

pale-fire / Via tumblr.com

#5 When this person came up with the best response to tired lines

captainofalltheships / Via tumblr.com

#6 When one woman shut down outside opinions about her body.

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#7 When someone called out this dude’s hypocrisy.

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#8 When a “friend-zoned guy” was put in his place.


#9 When somebody actually tried the worst argument

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#10 When this guy was clearly in a school band.

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#11 When they pointed out who’s really overemotional.

saranthropology / Via tumblr.com

#12 When this hero called out ridiculous dress codes.

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#13 When novelists’ descriptions of women were mocked, right along with Ed Sheeran lyrics

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#14 When an “anti-feminist” got burned so bad you could feel it through the screen.

sattelite-of-love / Via tumblr.com

#15 When one girl got the last laugh.

apricockjam / Via tumblr.com

#16 When a “cat lady” served this epic takedown

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#17 When Carson needed to take a good, long look in a mirror, and not to take a selfie.

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#18 When this thread had too many wins in one place.

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