#1 This amateur Babybel eater

ryan_brooks25 / Via twitter.com

#2 The not-so-handy man who thought ~pouring~ concrete is a one-step process

furr_knee_ / Via instagram.com

#3 This mom-to-be who may have skipped biology class

At least she’ll have a pleasant surprise when she figures it out.
Nicholieoli / Via twitter.com

#4 The station agents who thought invisible walls could contain smoke

Cue the wind.
firegirlpj / Via instagram.com

#5 This customer who decided to name his own price

That four looks more like a zero to me.
karamaria88 / Via instagram.com

#6 These commercial makers who apparently never use their own credit cards

But this LOOKS better!” “Does it?
epolovescoco / Via instagram.com

#7 This sign designer who needs to rethink their latest project

SoDakZak / Via reddit.com

#8 Whoever the hell cut this pizza

Come on, now.
jstnhghs / Via instagram.com

#9 The monster who cut this cake


#10 Whoever thought this was appropriate

_deadendgirl_ / Via instagram.com

#11 This business owner who doesn’t quite get the lingo

So, if you’re taking the photos, then surely…
toastyken / Via instagram.com

#12 This woman who is so about to cut her leg off

Hope they have 911 on speed dial.
morhgin / Via instagram.com

#13 This very excited aunt (or uncle) to be

hailebucks / Via twitter.com

#14 This “math is not my strong suit” state fair operator

Explain to me again how this works?
captainlodge15 / Via instagram.com

#15 The person who thought eating an ice cream cone from the bottom up was a good idea

have.kids.will.adventure / Via instagram.com

#16 And finally, this very confused fortune

Oh…uh, OK?
rachellie01 / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: SoDakZak / reddit.com