#1 Would love to keep doing pieces like this with the “old” tattoos!

jesse_rix / Via instagram.com

#2 Finger candles

jakconnollyart / Via instagram.com

#3 Finally got the tattoo I’ve always wanted!

blakerjames / Via reddit.com

#4 Small realistic tattoo

tattoo.joan / Via instagram.com

#5 Amazing cat tattoo. It’s an awesome work, it pops off the skin.

amazingmicrotattoos / Via instagram.com

#6 This optical illusion is perfect as a tattoo

moroztattoo / Via instagram.com

#7 Amazing glass tattoo

nicomariani_tattoo / Via instagram.com

#8 Not my everyday thing, but very enjoyable:)

gunnarfoley / Via instagram.com

#9 Sorry to the people who get creeped out by this one, but I like it:)

jesse_rix / Via instagram.com

#10 Impressive realistic tattoo filled with 3D blocks

lav.pro / Via instagram.com

#11 Would love to have this one too

benthomasart / Via instagram.com

#12 Incredibly beautiful chest tattoo

fabio.sciascia.tattoo / Via instagram.com

#13 Skull I did 2 days in a row

o_kharin / Via instagram.com

#14 Tattoo by Danny and Domestic’s tattoos Mossend Scotland

Are-Ob1 / Via reddit.com

#15 Cover up from today.

jakconnollyart / Via instagram.com

#16 This one is so beautiful

adriancier / Via instagram.com

#17 This piece symbolize the strength that is needed to free yourself from pain. It represents the inner power required to free our mind and truly let go.

alessandro_capozzi / Via instagram.com

#18 For the one who can’t live without fishing.

grandepaolo_ink / Via instagram.com

#19 Progress shot of this fun piece I started today

jesse_rix / Via instagram.com

#20 After 2 sessions totaling 12 hours of work. The damper is fully healed. The background was made in the freehand with no references

brunohrltattoo / Via instagram.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: alessandro_capozzi / instagram.com, gunnarfoley / instagram.com