You know who has had it too easy for too long? Newborn babies. Sure, they’re cute, but what do they really do besides enter your life and turn everything upside down?

Recently Twitter user @charlee_buns had had enough and decided it was high time we went in on them, and hard.

charlee_buns / Via

And, wow, people didn’t need to be asked twice!

They have no hustle or ambition. Steady relying on somebody else.
DJReemsDope / Via

For people who don’t do any work, they sure do sleep a lot.
We’ve got bills???!!!!!
Topfayz / Via

They’re here to replace us. They want to take our jobs and live in our houses and when we die the little buggers will take all our money.
gulliver_trevor / Via

They have no respect. I go out my way to make sure I don’t wake them up. But when IM sleep, they’ll scream bloody murder til I wake up
DColeworld / Via

For a product that’s brand new they’re not efficient. 0/10 would not recommend
TheRookieGod1 / Via

Most of them loom like aliens that haven’t finished developing yet
ariesraine / Via

Poor communication skills. As demanding as they are.
DrChubbyy / Via

Stare alot for someone who cant fight
wanabeianconnor / Via

They never have comebacks LAME
Roxyyym / Via

They use the same cry for everything.. like let me know if you’re hungry or sleepy
allanamarei / Via

They wear a lot of white for people who don’t do they own laundry
bomiagabice / Via

Other animals drop out and go hunt…
If we ain’t hold em properly their head might pop off….
MartinPagon / Via

They really eat a lot for someone not chipping in on grocery money. EVERY 4 hours you hungry? Really?!?!
T_monster / Via

They don’t even know how to chew. They get brand new teeth and still try to swallow food whole like a boa constrictor. Then got the nerve to choke all silly and stuff
tsddrake / Via

They never have gas money
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