Me- *Coughs really hard.
3- Don’t worry Mommy, I get you dry pants!
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My wife and I went for a walk and halfway through she got scared that we left the baby at the house. It’s still in her stomach.
JeremyMcLellan / Via twitter.com

I feel pissed off but I wanna cry, I want to be happy but I hate everyone, I want to talk to ppl but I don’t wanna be bothered.
alexmartzz / Via twitter.com

When she says get hot fudge sundae pop tarts, you get hot fudge sundae pop tarts.
bucksfly2gether / Via twitter.com

Heartburn in the morning and in the afternoon, heartburn in the evening underneath the moon!
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I just read that pregnant women in stressful jobs/home situations are more likely to carry female fetuses to term because male fetuses are less likely to survive that stress and if that isn’t nature’s subtweet i don’t know what is
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“Being pregnant and trying to play with a toddler is like being permanently hungover and trying to catch a honey badger.”
__SweetAnnie / Via twitter.com

H- Why are you so tired?
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Even when I’m not thinking about food, I’m thinking about food.
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If you have an easy firstborn child, don’t feel good about yourself. It’s a trick from Mother Nature so you, fueled by false confidence, reproduce again. Your second will be a no-limit soldier who likes to slap and doesn’t sleep.
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How the hell did Beyonce sing while pregnant… I can’t even get a full sentence out without trying to catch my breath!
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My latest pregnancy brain adventure happened yday noon. Went to the bank to collect my car grant. Thought e/thing was fine until the bank called in the eve to tell me that.. I was not in their database of clients. Guys, I went to the WRONG BANK. My actual bank was just NEXT DOOR.
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You know you have pregnant wife problems when your wife talks about food in ways she’s never talked about you…
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Why am I wide awake at 3:37 am near tears thinking about the titanic?
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I am “gets winded putting my socks on” weeks pregnant.
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The next woman that tells me how much they loved being pregnant is getting throat punched.
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Pregnancy, a synopsis: my Apple Watch told me to get up and move.. so I got up and moved my a*s to the pantry for a snack
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