#1 This is the principal at my kids school…dressed as a trex…while being a crossing guard…I can’t imagine the bet he lost for this to happen.

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#2 The best anti-depressants ever

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#3 Barely hanging on…


#4 This man is using a driver’s license that he drew himself on a sheet of paper.


#5 To make an incredible impression at the airport, print your own boarding pass next time.

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#6 I’m not sure what religion she is, but lettuce pray for her

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#7 My wife wanted blinds put up in the bathroom.

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#8 I went to my girlfriend’s house and saw her new boyfriend drinking water from the fridge I bought for her, so I took the fridge.

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#9 When my husband is left in charge of dinner.

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#10 How did he bump into Thor?

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#11 The equivalent of taking up multiple car parking spaces.

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#12 My high school gov teacher put himself on a cover of Forbes and read it on a plane while he sat in first class for the first time in his life.

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#13 Yeah, I’m at a baseball game.

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#14 In case dogs aren’t allowed to walk in.

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#15 Don’t forget that you might being photographed!

Dwayne Wade falling into Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
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#16 Spend $500 fixing that scrape? Nah, I have a better idea…

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#17 This guy decided he didn’t want to pay a fine, so he just changed the wheel.

This guy is living in 3019
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#18 Who said a local fast food restaurant was a bad place to celebrate an anniversary?

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#19 I Want To Ignore Everyone Like This Guy Is Ignoring Arya Stark.

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