#1 These parents who just, like, have A LOT of different energies going on

#2 This mom who assured her daughter, “I care you”

#3 This dad who bought a used laptop from some teenager and embraced the kid’s personal touches

#4 This father who’s also quite the enthusiastic conversationalist

#5 These parents who featured their son’s lovely mugshot on their holiday card

#6 This dad who read his son’s internet history and was SENT

#7 This mom who was THRIVING while her daughter had contraction

#8 This sweet mama bear who just wanted to encourage her son’s educational achievements

#9 This dad by day, hotel manager by night

#10 This mom who dragged her daughter through the literal TRENCHES

#11 This mom who thought it was a good idea to SHAVE THE DOG’S FEET

#12 This dad who just had to make his opinion known

#13 This dad who celebrated his “proudest moment as a dad”

#14 And lastly, this fabulously blatant difference in parenting styles

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: allison_barron / twitter.com