#1 They’re super casual

#2 Professors don’t always dress as you’d expect

#3 And sometimes final exam aren’t that scary

The math department copy machine is not well and needs a technician to help it. Good news: Your final exam grade is 100%. Have a great summer!
breannamcataldo / Via twitter.com

#4 Like, they cancel class all the time

#5 They are less stuffy when teaching

#6 They overshare

#7 They incorporate a variety of teaching methods, like bringing in guests

#8 They will legit give out an A on an assignment

#9 The exam questions are easy AF sometimes

#10 They switch things up a lot

#11 The extra credit questions are silly

#12 They accept gifts

#13 Like, they give out bonus points for nothin’

#14 They definitely don’t hold back when it comes to sharing their opinions

alexandri_ugh / Via twitter.com

#15 Their email etiquette is not serious

#16 And finally, they’re not against technology and social media — they’re good at it too!

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Raven_Roseee / twitter.com, bethwatkinss / twitter.com