#1 As we all should know, cats never sleep where you want them to sleep.

anyboozewilldo / Via reddit.com

#2 They shall sit where they deign to sit

angrymallard / Via imgur.com

#3 They see that nice water fountain you bought SPECIFICALLY FOR THEM but would rather drink from the sink, k?

UninhabitedMan / Via imgur.com

#4 They don’t give a flying fart about wet paint…

Mikewelland182 / Via reddit.com

#5 They are going to eat from the opening they feel like eating from…

MrStabbers / Via reddit.com

And they will use the feeder exactly as they see fit, Karen.

catpuccinoz / Via reddit.com

#6 Christmas spirit. Again: it is known.

Neat_Chi / Via reddit.com

#7 Cats decide which bed is their bed. It is known.

raybanpat / Via reddit.com

#8 You don’t pick out what you’re wearing today. Your cat does.

GavinFree / Via twitter.com

#9 If you think they’re going to fully appreciate that $1,000 cat tree you bought for them, think again…

Captain_Ashley_Bob / Via reddit.com

#10 Paper towels? Only to be used at your cat’s discretion.

snwboard333 / Via reddit.com

#11 Because nothing gives cats joy like a good cardboard box, let’s be honest


#12 And in lieu of a box, they will sit in other box-like things—the more inconvenient to you, the better.

tThugnNasty / Via reddit.com

#13 Enormously adorable cat bed? Not if Whiskers isn’t feeling it.


#14 You don’t decide what goes in the litter box. Your cat does.


#15 And honestly? How dare you charge your phone right in the middle of their hangout space!!


#16 Admit it: not only do cats live their lives exactly how they want to, but they also decide when you get to live **yours**

summersun21 / Via imgur.com

#17 Despite your best intentions, cats will poop where they decide is best to poop

grymer / Via imgur.com

#18 ‘Cause at the end of the day, there’s only room for one boss of the house…and you aren’t it, babe.

mrsgiangre16 / Via instagram.com

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