#1 My younger sister called for my help but wouldn’t tell me why. When I went upstairs I was greeted with… this

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#2 My child and I playing hide and seek.

raspberrybananapie / Via reddit.com

#3 Just playing in the wet sand.

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#4 My nephews “hiding” spot every. Single. Time.

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#5 An epic disappointment.

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#6 There is something wrong with my 7-year-old. This is how she eats her sub.

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#7 Milk got everywhere but the cup

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#8 My daughter decided her dolly would look nice painted black…

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#9 Everyone’s laughing, except for the little one.

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#10 I don’t even know how my little brother got in there.

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#11 Thank God it was the decaf.

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#12 Eating sand for breakfast wasn’t the best idea.

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#13 My daughter was left alone with some makeup. Turns out we my wife birthed an oompa loompa.

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#14 My dad is a mechanical engineer. He works on his cars a lot. Found my daughter sliding herself under the table with her “tools” to fix it.

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#15 “No Being Angry” according to my daughter

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#16 My daughter drew this for me last father’s day! It now sits on my fridge for all to see!

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#17 I told them to put away their snow clothes “neatly”.

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#18 Mmm, delicious!

mm mm, that’s yummy! from r/KidsAreFuckingStupid

#19 This is one seriously patient cat.

Best friends from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

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