#1 This doctor seems to be very thorough.

chashmaswag / Via twitter.com

#2 An innocent had to suffer for this love.

comfortingdecadence / Via tumblr.com

#3 Props to our partners who understand us in any situation.

archymck / Via twitter.com

#4 We found a new true hero.

falby1 / Via instagram.com

#5 Because most limits are just figments of our imagination.

neil-gaiman / Via tumblr.com

#6 Will he love it? Always!

Dempster2000 / Via twitter.com

#7 Well, it’s good that they clarified it.

GMPCityCentre / Via twitter.com

#8 This is a wonderful way to make money and stay positive.

Dragonwolf43 / Via imgur.com

#9 I want a husband who is this supportive of my decisions.

davielegend / Via twitter.com

#10 Someone had some bad luck.

Tony Hawk / Via facebook.com

#11 This is why it’s better to just be polite with strangers.

inbeastitrust / Via twitter.com

#12 Thanks, coach, but you’re not my type.

johnfugelsang / Via twitter.com

#13 I’m off to college. My mom handed me this and told me this is the only cup I can drink beer/alcohol out of.


#14 This is a good point.

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#15 For those who are interested, this girl got 100 points.

allisonbgarrett / Via twitter.com

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