#1 When you’re feeling great but your hotel mirror puts you back in check.

spurlockmedia / Via reddit.com

#2 I’m not sure how to tell you this mom, but this is a really awkward place to put a mirror for men.

neobob / Via reddit.com

#3 The bathroom at a brewery has this where you’d expect a mirror. Brilliant.

Elyssa_Hilton / Via twitter.com

#4 Great mirror placement at my new place.

thecatsaver / Via reddit.com

#5 This bathroom’s mirrors are sunglasses.

Drew4444P / Via reddit.com

#6 Installed the bathroom mirrors, boss.

Hellerick / Via reddit.com

#7 When there’s no mirror in the bathroom.

unknown / Via boredpanda.com

#8 Found a mirror that was split in two and I couldn’t resist take a picture.

r0stfri / Via reddit.com

#9 The walls in my girlfriends bathroom are all mirrors.

zinszer93 / Via reddit.com

#10 That’s just unfortunate mirror placement.

unknown / Via boredpanda.com

#11 My dad redid my bathroom and the mirror didn’t ship yet so HE HUNG UP ONE OF MY SELFIES ON THE WALL.

urpetdog / Via twitter.com

#12 Bathroom mirror at a bar in Italy.

lavitaetroppobreve / Via reddit.com

#13 I’m an expat in the Netherlands. They’re the tallest people in the world. This is my new bathroom mirror..

-Pixie- / Via reddit.com

#14 This Damn Mirror.

Beanboy100 / Via reddit.com

#15 Love my bathroom mirror.

shuwatch / Via imgur.com

#16 Bathroom mirror selfie!!!!

Zirene / Via twitter.com

#17 One time I came across a really cool mirror in a public bathroom and I was like “dope I’ll take some cute pictures in here” but then.

Co_Mill / Via twitter.com

#18 This mirror makes it look like the entire bathroom is in the tub.

ThunderBaee / Via reddit.com

#19 Great! I can watch myself poop in 500 different dimensions.

F33DBACK__ / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: Co_Mill / twitter.com