#1 Alexa

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#2 This ~educated Guess~

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#3 Just as I thought

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#4 This avid Redditor

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#5 Blake, not to be confused with Ted

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#6 This quote that I need as a bumper sticker on my Prius

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#7 This *classiqué* Office reference

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#8 *insert that SpongeBob meme here*

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#9 This shoutout to the ever-loyal Quizlet

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#10 This quote that singlehandedly destroyed any and all anti-vaxxers

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#11 The way this girl *BRILLIANTLY* discussed her hijab

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#12 Can someone pls decode this Wingdings/zodiac sign message?!?!?!?!

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#13 This tasteful homage to Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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#14 These two correctly finished the lyrics to “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” by Khia

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#15 This absolute truth

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#16 The Curious Case of the TI-83 Pop-Tart™

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#17 This guy who came out of the closet more fabulous than ever!!!!!!!!

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#18 This AirDrop enthusiast

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#19 Reminiscing on stummy pain

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#20 This girl who’s still bitter about Zayn and honestly I get it

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And lastly, this queen’s CALL TO ACTION!!!!!!!!!

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