me: student loans are crippling our generation
person that types with their index fingers and can’t rotate a pdf: i bought my house with three buttons and a carton of camels in 1974
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You know boomers had it good because their go-to midlife crisis move was buying an expensive car
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“This generation can’t take a joke”
Our entire generation laughs at fu*king internet memes all day long we just don’t like racist jokes
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If I had a dollar for every time a BabyBoomer complained about my generation, I’d have enough money to buy a house in the market they ruined
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“millennials killed department stores” baby boomers killed the polar bears but right right right my deepest apologies to jc penny
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baby boomer: why r there holes in ur jeans? u rip those urself?
me (smart & woke): why r there holes in the ozone? u rip those urself?
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baby boomers: “The youth of today is so disrespectful.”
also baby boomers: “I asked for a burger with only ketchup, but you didn’t put pickles on it and I like pickles, so I’m gonna need to scream at you until your manager offers me a coupon for a free large coffee.”
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My dad is a loud climate change denier but also won’t retire in south Florida cuz “it’s going to sink into the ocean” lol baby boomers are fun
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“millennials are idiots” – the generation that made a millionaire out of the creator of the pet rock
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Baby boomers blame millennials for everything BUT WHO PUT CARPET OVER ALL THESE HARDWOOD FLOORS PATRICIA
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old person: you kids get so offended these days!
teenager: happy holidays
old person: >:O
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