Bit*hes have a full closet and wear the same clothes every week. its me. i’m bit*hes. bit*h.
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U only get about 176 chances with me. I don’t tolerate much
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You: you owe it to yourself be happy
me, visibly agitated, gritting teeth: I don’t owe that bit*h anything.
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I be at parties wit no data standin in the corner looking at my settings screen like damn this sh*t go crazy
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person: *says something really sweet*
me: *reads it over and over for a month*
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There’s so many ppl i wanna be friends with but i’m constantly terrified of what ppl think of me so instead of attempting to make friendships i just silently hope that they’ll reach out to me first. fun!
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The girl in my 3rd grade class that told everyone she was part horse and ate grass at recess is engaged and I have been ghosted 4 times in the last month. Much to think about
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I can relate to blenders because I also scream while I’m doing my job.
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Them: When ima see you
Me: By accident
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me: *notices that I’m being judgmental*
me to me: I did not raise you this way
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cold case files: and he left his bloody fingerprint on the door knob
me laying in bed eating chips and salsa: what a fu*kin idiot
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me: ugly a*s
me 3 minutes ago: why am i so cute??
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my body: please….. some vegetables
me: hot cheetos…. pero con limón because my body is a temple
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Bit*hes do their makeup just to have a photo shoot in their room and not even go out, it’s me I’m bit*hes.
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My biggest flaw as a girl is not being able to french braid my own hair… it’s really a setback in life
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It’s friday night. my friends are all out drinking and i’m at home watching moana
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