#1 They don’t have their priorities straight.

bafeldman / Via twitter.com

#2 Always taking offense.

rad-femmes / Via tumblr.com

#3 They have no idea how to budget.

grgdwyr / Via twitter.com

#4 They have such thin skin.

ohnoshesarejecter / Via tumblr.com

#5 Seriously, they have no sense of spending money on the important things in life.

theeconomist / Via twitter.com

#6 Angry

miguelisasir / Via twitter.com

#7 They have no idea how to prioritize their spending.


#8 They are so entitled.


#9 They will never be homeowners.

JoshAJHall / Via twitter.com

#10 They’ve got it so easy.

sophxthompson / Via twitter.com

#11 They are forever on their phone.

TechnicallyRon / Via twitter.com

#12 Always wanting so much.

samkru_ / Via twitter.com

#13 They don’t even bother looking up.

dar_Bear44 / Via twitter.com


Tamerkattan4real / Via reddit.com

#14 They have no idea how easy they have it.

PubicZirconium / Via twitter.com

#15 They don’t work hard enough.

weight-a-second / Via tumblr.com

#16 They are so stingy.

andreaspencee / Via twitter.com

#17 They can’t take a joke.

ahoybailey / Via twitter.com

#18 They have unusually high expectations.

madamebomb / Via tumblr.com

#19 So damn sensitive.

OceanEmber / Via twitter.com

#20 In short

talzir / Via twitter.com

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