#1 This also works for live telecasts and modeling headshots.

rollox / Via pikabu.ru

#2 Somebody needs to do this trick with a tiny car.

tsaylor / Via imgur.com

#3 He got banned from the stadium so he rented a crane.


#4 Boys weren’t allowed in this girl’s room…so they took a page out of Rapunzel and sat in the window.

Schumway / Via imgur.com

#5 The study of mathematics has finally reached its peak.

j_shor / Via reddit.com

#6 Extra credit is still extra credit!

Blahson / Via reddit.com

#7 They got a “B” rating but that’s not going to bring them down.

sindypnoel / Via twitter.com

#8 “Our office doesn’t let us adjust the thermostat, but my coworker figured out a way around that when she got cold.”

NoahsArcade84 / Via reddit.com

#9 This is every tow truck driver’s dream: to take on the sky!

panther009 / Via imgur.com

#10 His girlfriend wouldn’t let the dog sleep in bed with them but he wasn’t gonna let his buddy be lonely.

shockhead / Via reddit.com

#11 “My dad went to Vegas for 5 days and put a camera in the house, but that ain’t stopping me.”

KevinMieles11 / Via twitter.com

#12 “You’re to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870…”


#13 The vending machines had it coming after all these years.

Palmbchgirl / Via imgur.com

#14 “I’m healing from a septoplasty surgery, and I’m not allowed to wear glasses as they put too much pressure on my nose, so I rigged up a system.”

CZILLROY / Via reddit.com

#15 Sure, he could push his kid’s stroller the old-fashioned way, but where’s the fun in that?

Spokes1215 / Via reddit.com

#16 A boy with disabilities hated baths but loved coins, so his mother made soap with coins.

redheaddeb / Via imgur.com

#17 This woman’s trick will never fail to get someone out of bed.

AberrantConductor / Via reddit.com

#18 Time to beat that summer heat!

therealgesus / Via reddit.com

#19 Before the invention of Photoshop, people still found ways to get creative.

Greentechbuilder / Via reddit.com

#20 Never worry about your snacks getting cold ever again…

SarahPanda / Via reddit.com

#21 When Mom starts hiding candy, not even a safe can stop a smart kid.

techbuzz / Via reddit.com

#22 Someone found a way to get an iPad, TV, and wall clock all in one!


#23 This kid on a longboard using a leaf blower to go fast is now my personal hero

prodiG / Via reddit.com

#24 “I could never fit both bowls in the microwave at once until my mother showed me this.”

DaNReDaN / Via reddit.com

#25 This is true parenting goals.


#26 Keeping your baby safe and comfortable at the same time…

malleeman / Via reddit.com

#27 The job listing asked for a photo in a suit…so he copied and pasted his face on a stock photo.

tw0bears / Via reddit.com

#28 “This guy in traffic next to me is already winning at life.”

ThatWasHawkward / Via imgur.com

#29 Kids having problems with their multiplication tables? Do they count their steps? Here’s your answer.

1ItalianLurker / Via reddit.com

#30 Who knew old pianos could have a second life as a fountain?

drdoom / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: j_shor