#1 This lil’ bb cow was protected from frostbite in the cutest — and most stylish — way possible!!!

ThisFarmingMan_ / Via twitter.com

#2 This grandpa built his grandson a crib!!!!!!!!

BlackEyedBroad / Via reddit.com

#3 We hereby petitioned to rename “guinea pigs” “genuine pigs”:

KEY_lyn / Via twitter.com

#4 This dad ignored all of the rules and purchased what can ONLY improve any summer cookout:

Zach_Pope_ / Via twitter.com

#5 “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield proved — once again — that it really is THAT song:

#6 This girl’s fifth grade turtle project resurfaced, and I’m—:

#7 This dad proved he still has the music in him!!!!!!!

#8 Annie here was UNSTOPPABLE as she worked out to “Walking On Sunshine”!!!!!!!!!

#9 This mom visited her son at his job and ENCOURAGED HIS HUSTLING!!!!!!!!!

#10 MARY HAD A LITTLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11 This security camera footage cleared my acne and soothed my heart palpitations:

#12 This dad serenaded some cowwies with his sax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ThisFarmingMan_ / twitter.com