What the 12 signs need for Mercury Retrograde:

Aries: A nap
Taurus: A nap
Gemini: A nap
Cancer: A nap
Leo: A nap
Virgo: A nap
Libra: A nap
Scorpio: A nap
Sagittarius: A nap
Capricorn: A nap
Aquarius: A nap
Pisces: A nap
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Mercury Retrograde Season, also known as Type The Tweet/Post, Then Backspace The Whole Thing And Close The Tab Season
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Blame game: Mercury Retrograde or PMS?
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Mercury is in retrograde this is not the time to go on a search for some new di*k bit*h stay the fu*k home
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“Mercury Retrograde will have past lovers re-emerging.. Be careful..”
So will posting a fine Instagram pic on a regular Tuesday lmao
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Mercury is in retrograde and I have the WEIRDEST boner
I don’t know how astrology works
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If astrology isn’t really, then why do Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp always go down during Mercury retrograde/during the shadow period?
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Show mercury retrograde who’s boss by sabotaging yourself. you don’t even need it. *it* should be afraid of *you!*
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Today is the first day of Mercury Retrograde so I have to understand that everyone is annoying & I am the true Queen.
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*shuts my phone off until mercury retrograde is over*
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Mercury retrograde starts today and i still dunno what that means exactly but seems like a legit excuse to use to avoid people.
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Sorry i didnt text you back, it’s mercury retrograde
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It’s mercury retrograde from today until july 31st if you needed something to blame all of your life’s problems on.
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me: *maybe eats once a day, drinks/eats food terrible for my system, sleeps 4 hours a night*
my body: *gets sick*
me: that goddamn mercury retrograde
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You know what’s worse than Mercury being in retrograde? Being constantly told that Mercury is in retrograde.
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